ABOUT Ai Hashimoto


photo by Anke van den Berg


Ai Hashimoto's art work is based on her narratives and rituals.  

She would like to creates a link between abstract spiritual realities and the real forms of the material world just like Surrealists through her art works.

Additionally her academic background of Anthropology prior to Fine Arts has deep impact and influence on my works.

The main theme of her art works for several years is about her narrative called "Pink Tsunami" and its subsequent world - "Kinoko". The recent tsunami in Japan were grafted onto the memories of many. She pushes the consequences of the deluge a little further. "Kinoko" is a creature with a mushroom head and it brings new life and new landscape in the post apocalyptic world after the “Pink Tsunami” disaster. 

She creates, piece by piece, her own post-tsunami-world with different media.

Her works show a potential reconstruction after the worst catastrophe imaginable. 

An introductory of Kinoko world is;

After the Pink Tsunami disaster, everything disappeared and was covered with pink sand.

All living creatures seemed to be extinct.

One day Kinoko came from the sky.

It was carrying a yellow bag full of the essence of life.

Kinoko was alone.

It took the bag and put the bottom head into the ground.

It sat down in a casual pose for a while.

Small balls started to bubble on the surface of the yellow bag and covered everything rapidly.

All of a sudden the balls all burst together and were absorbed into the pink desert.

Then new life began like bamboo shoots after rain.

This seemed to be new life which did not exist in the previous world.

Everything was completely covered with new life.

It was the beginning of a new era for better or worse.

Ai lives and works in The Hague, NL. 


© 2020 by AI HASHIMOTO